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Wiktionary طرفان

Please see that page for justifications and discussion. Please do not remove this notice or blank this page while the question is being considered. However, you are welcome to make improvements to it.

Adding the text {{rfd}} to an entry marks it for speedy deletion and adds it to Category:Requests for deletion. It does not notify anyone reading the requests page automatically - that entry needs to be added manually.

To make the links "nice," you should enter the wikified pagename as the new subject. This assists people following the link from the page, as they will be directed to the proper section when clicking on the first link here. Wikifying it does not affect that redirection method, but does help people reading the requests page find the target page faster. Additionally, if the page has since been deleted, the red link is hard to miss.

Please enter a brief description of why you think it needs to be deleted on the requests page.